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I spent the majority of my elementary, junior high, and high school years thinking I was going to pursue a career in art or design. When it came time to declare a major, I chickened out because some people told me I would "never find a job" or "you'll never make any money as an artist". So I chose a career that would guarantee me a job, but it also guaranteed I would always feel a little out of place. So I settled for what was safe and continued to create art while working my 9-5 job. After a while, I slowly began immersing myself in the art & design industry.


In June of 2020, I unexpectedly lost my job due to the recent Covid pandemic and was faced with some very difficult decisions. With absolutely nothing to lose, I made the choice to invest whole-heartedly in myself and jumped head first (more like summersaulted) into creative entrepreneurship. I create hand-painted designs in watercolor and acrylic, as well as digital designs for print and artwork upon client request. I love to paint abstracts, florals, animal portraits, and house portraits.

What can I create for you, today? 

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